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For Authors

Dear future author of “Smoko”!

In order to facilitate the process of publishing our fanzine, below a couple of hints on how you should prepare your text before you send it to our mailbox for qualification.

1. Add a signature inside the file (not just in email message!): first and last name + email address. If you prefer other means of contact, please let us know.

2. Save your file in .rtf or .doc format.

3. Following size limits apply:

a) for journalistic writing – 3 500 words

b) for novellas/short stories – 7 000 words

4. Add to your text a couple of words about yourslef – who you are, what you do, what you have already published… No answer is wrong of course! 😉

5. You will make our work much easier if you provide two sentences of summary (subject of your text, genre etc.).

6. We read every single text we receive and we always reply to the authors. However, since we do it “after hours” and pro bono, we are not always able to write back the same day/week/month we receive a message. Nevertheless – we always do write back. If you have waited 3 months now, we’ll appreciate a reminder.

7. Sending a journalistic text or a piece of fiction to “Smokopolitan” mailbox is considered as providing free, non-exclusive license for publication and marketing use to the zin’s owner, Historia Vita foundation. It means that by publishing your text in “Smokopolitan” you do not loose your rights to the text, you just allow us to publish it and use parts of it to promote itself and our magazine.

8. A text published in “Smokopolitan” can be subject to further publication elsewhere, but for sake of fanzine’s best interest it is appreciated if the text is not published in any other media for up to three months after given issue’s original date.

With points above in minds – grab your pens! (or keyboards!) And if you still have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our magazine!

Our magazine is completely free of charge (the charge for a paper version covers the printing costs). However, we need your help to develop and publish new issues. By clicking the button below, except for downloading "Smokopolitan", you may support us by a litte contribution via Dotpay.
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