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About Smokopolitan


“Smokopolitan” is an independent speculative fiction magazine, with which we aim to maintain a publishing platform for young writers and revive the “fans4fans” approach. We want aspiring writers to have a possibility of publishing their first works in paper magazine, to introduce them to wider public. Long story short – we want speculative fiction to grow steadily.


“Smokopolitan” is a quarterly  –  we release new issues in 3-months periods and distribute them in the biggest Polish conventions.

For how much?

Since “Smokopolitan” is a fanzine, we want to share it for free. E-book versions (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) of each issue can be downloaded from our website and the paper edition of magazine is sold for the prize of printing.

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Our magazine is completely free of charge (the charge for a paper version covers the printing costs). However, we need your help to develop and publish new issues. By clicking the button below, except for downloading "Smokopolitan", you may support us by a litte contribution via Dotpay.
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